Friday, February 7, 2014

En Masse ~ batch processor for videos

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En Masse is an ffmpeg front-end designed specifically for processing a lot of videos (last tested on 1849 files). Operation can be summarized in four steps: Select preset, select folder, generate batch file, and convert. While it does not come with device-specific presets, the default presets serve as a sort of walk-through for what En Masse can do. The generated batch file provides several lines to facilitate resumption of an interrupted batch file (skip to file number x), some logging capability (elapsed time, render speed, rendered file size, possible failed encode, etc.), and another line which you can modify to launch another batch file. The idea behind En Masse is to provide carefree batch video processing for the total noob, and a convenient ffmpeg interface for the initiated.

The Preset Manager

While it maybe odd to see four combo boxes for output width, a quick look at the qf column (blue text beside the width combo boxes) may make some sense to some users. This, of course, can be bypassed by setting all four combo boxes to a single number (or set to blanks). The option to maintain a uniform qf (varying output widths) is available, if you want it. Do also note that the preset manager lacks a height combo box to spare you the chore of calculating output height when resizing. As far as square pixel rendering and small integers can go, you can rest assured that the source video's aspect ratio will be preserved whether it is square pixel or anamorphic. Also included is a text box for additional ffmpeg parameters (Post-vf ffmpeg args) and two text boxes created exclusively for video filters (vf args 1 & 3).

VidProk.exe (formerly named OneToOne.exe)

Sometimes, En Masse's GUI is a bit cumbersome if you just want to process several videos. VidProk will happily take on this task. While intentionally similar to En Masse's 'Preset Manager', VidProk is armed with a 'see command' button (which ultimately provides some batch processing capability), a 'play' button, and a 'vf cheat sheet' button.

Play both @ pos 0x0: A unique feature of VidProk that places both source and processed windows on the top left corner of the screen (one window obscures the other).  This play mode works in conjunction with the 'toggle' button which let's you alternate the top-most window (either source or processed). This let's you easily see the differences (particularly minute differences) between the unprocessed (source) and the processed (with filters e.g. unsharp, denoise, etc).

VF cheat sheet

Select a filter, click 'copy', then paste to either 'vf args 1' or 'vf args 3'. 'vf args 1' should only be used if the filter needs to precede crop/scale filters (e.g. deinterlace). Separate each filter with a comma.  After copy/pasting, click 'play' to preview.

Other Tools

Apart from their intended use, En Masse and VidProk are excellent learning tools for new ffmpeg users as both would readily reveal the ffmpeg (or ffplay) commands used.

En Masse is a home-brew solution created by a frustrated end-user for other end-users. En Masse does not write to the registry, does not automatically 'phone home' for updates, does not nag, does not coerce your browser to a new home page/search engine or to install a new toolbar, and does not require you to join a cult.  En Masse is absolutely free, though small donations are very much welcome.  Email me: chiqboy<[at]>gmail<[dot]>com

Youtube video:
Download link (last updated 2014.06.06):

New features for EnMasse_20140528:

1. En Masse can now burn-in subtitles (batch mode).
2. Dropped MediaInfo in favor of ffprobe.  En Masse is now an all-ffmpeg solution.
3. New policy for En Masse & VidProk: For anamorphic sources, maintain anamorphic dimensions if not resized (width set to blank).
4. Two-pass encoding (En Masse & VidProk).
5. VidProk encoding is now logged like En Masse (shows elapsed time, rendered file size, etc.).
6. Numerous tweaks.
7. Updated to ffmpeg-20140502-git-0f9f24c-win32-static.


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    9 of 43 detects differents viruses....probably false positives buy way too many.

  3. @ sed: wow, seriously, wow... i know for certain that i am not a particularly gifted programmer (at least not that good to create a virus). if previous viruses were created with AutoIt, then they and my humble creation must share some of the basic code (i suspect the usual #includes or UDF's) --- nevertheless, i'm just a frustrated end-user (frustrated with most video conversion software) helping out other frustrated end-users.

  4. @ sed: ... and the next release (where hopefully burning in subtitles in batch mode will be supported) will not be any "cleaner"... because i wouldn't know how to do it (sense the embarrassment). i see the numerous false positives rather differently: i'm either a mediocre author dedicated to making video processing easier or an incompetent programmer with malicious intent who couldn't design a stealthier virus.

  5. is a fantastic resource, but you sometimes need to do some research to interpret it's results. I notice that Symantec lists it as "WS.Reputation.1", which is a very special type of "threat". See and

    Unfortunately, there are 23 .exe files in this distribution, so it is tedious to upload them all individually to virustotal for checking and try to find the culprit(s) or make a guess about whether these are false positives or not.

    It would help a lot if the author would publish his source code

  6. @Chiq: since all or most of the executables are in fact compiled AutoIt scripts, why not release the scripts themselves instead of the exe files? These virus detections are probably false positives, but many users would rather be safe than sorry.

    1. I used to think that one does not need the source code to reap the benefits a piece of software brings. So, with some hesitation, yeah I will share the source... but not just yet. The laughable code demonstrates my development from clueless beginner to not-so-clueless beginner *grin*.

  7. Sorry for the late replies, I don't go online as often as I would like.

    thoughts: oh cr*p... this is all new to me... all I really wanted was to help my sister who does not have the time, patience, or aptitude to use something like VirtualDub. i just hope that my labor of love does not turn into a false positive... hehehe.

    TO-DO: create a "Mom, use THIS preset!" preset.